How stress is affecting your brain

brain fog brain function brain health gut health Nov 10, 2022
Ollie Matthews

Do you ever feel like your brain has hit a brick wall?

Perhaps you walk into a room and forget what you went in there for.

Perhaps you’re talking to someone and you just can’t seem to get the words you want out.

You just feel a general fuzziness and sometimes use caffeine to help push you through.

That’s brain fog… but what does that mean?

It’s when you’ve got some neurological inflammation on the brain, which has perhaps been building up over time.

We need to stress to actually thrive, but when we have chronic stress for long periods of time we start to get sick.

Have you ever been pushing and pushing and pushing, before going on holiday and then getting ill?

Too much stress is going to affect the inflammation on your brain - we have less blood flow, which means we have less oxygen delivery and fewer nutrients delivered where we need them.

Within our brain we have glial cells – they are basically the immune cells of the brain. 

These glial cells get over active when we’re chronically stressed and they start searching for more waste that isn’t there.

They go through a process called glial cell priming - and they can’t be switched off.

We then get brain fog…

You might get a few subtle signs like variations in mental speed but things can progress to depression and a complete inability to concentrate.

I’ve seen many people exacerbate the problem with a poor diet, which leads to poor gut health, which is essential for us to have optimal cognitive function.

People often reach for processed sugary foods, or alcohol, because they’re coping mechanisms and make us feel good in the short term, but it’s only making the problem worse.

It’s my job to look at a client’s habits and determine where their central nervous system is at and take them from point A to point B without being overwhelmed.

I work through five steps to get to the sixth where our bodies can do what they are supposed to without even thinking about it. Its nutritional needs are met and stress is at a good level where it is able to regenerate new cells.

It’s something I’m passionate about because I don’t want anyone to live with the effects of brain fog.

I can help get your body back to where it needs to be.

You just need to take action - you can start by signing up to my 21-Day Brain Fog Blitz course here.

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