Stephen Aish - Rescuing Yourself When Nobody Comes To Rescue You

Nov 14, 2022

We talk to who Ollie calls 'Socrates' today, one of the first ever guests to talk on the podcast returns, the peaceful warrior himself - Stephen Aish.

Since we last spoke Stephen has been through a crazy amount and in this show he tells us all about how he's had to draw on his super powers more than ever throughout the most challenging period of his life.


- The David Goggins before David Goggins

- The 3 phases of Stephen Aish

- How to take true physical strength and make it mental

- How to let go of the inner warrior

- How to start the healing process

- How mindset saved Stephen's life

- How to rescue yourself when no-one comes to rescue you

If you're going through something, listen to this show, if you want more resilience, listen to this show, if you want to improve your mindset, listen to this show.

Get in touch with Stephen on social media. 


And check out the course he talks about at

This is an episode that you should NOT be missing.

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