Why we need to find all the pieces to your health puzzle

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Have you ever been doing a puzzle, perhaps with your kid, and you’re getting to the end and you start thinking ‘we’re missing a some pieces here…’

Frustrating, isn’t it? 

You’ve come so far, spent time on putting it together only to realise that you’re not going to complete it.

Well, our health is a bit like that.

You get to a certain point in your life where a lot of the pieces to your puzzle are broadly in place…

The outline is there… but you’re not finished.

You’re missing a piece or two to make sure that all areas of your life are performing optimally.

Those pieces… your business, your relationships, your happiness… they don’t have to work independently of each other.

They need to lock together and create a great life for you.

It’s how I start working with my clients. I want to know how they got to this point in their lives.

What are the drivers for why they are like they are.

It’s hugely important in how we approach someone’s health journey.

We build up a timeline and get a complete picture… if we don’t go through that then we’ve got a puzzle with some missing pieces.

You might be performing adequately in all facets of your life - but it’s not optimal - all the pieces aren’t there.

So many people ignore the warning signs, the detractors of you fulfilling your true potential…

➡️ Waking through the night

➡️ Waking up at 4am feeling wired

➡️ Needing a caffeine fix in the morning

➡️ Energy slumps in the afternoon

How much better could you be able to perform if these issues weren’t there?

Getting control of your health could be that missing piece that makes everything else make sense.

Don’t be an unfinished puzzle… let me help you find your missing pieces.

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