Have you ever felt that your body isn't working like it used to?

Do you constantly feel tired, have dips in energy and crave sugar?

When you go to bed are you wired, and not able to get into a peaceful, sound sleep?

Are you finding yourself feeling frustrated at the lack of results despite the effort you're putting in to improve your health?If any of the above sounds like you then you have come to the right place. YOU can gain control of your health with The Revitalization Blueprint.

Before I share more about the Revitalization program I want to talk about burn out.
Burnout is a very common problem among 30 to 50 year olds. In fact it’s so common we often ignore the signs–accepting them as normal because so many people are suffering from them.

  • Are you noticing signs like…
  • Brain fog
  • Waking up during the night to go to the bathroom
  • Insomnia
  • Low energy and afternoon energy dips
  • Memory not being as good as it used to be
  • Getting sick more often
  • Constantly craving the wrong foods
  • Your moods are often low and flat
  • Acid reflux
  • Bloating
  • Struggling to drop weight
  • Lowered performance in your life

Many people attribute these things to 'getting older' but these are actually signs of chronic stress that the body has been under for extended periods of time.

If you do nothing you risk burning out completely.

It's exactly why I created The Revitalization Blueprint
An easy to implement program which provides direct support for you and a community so you can finally start to feel better, think better, sleep better and have more energy.
No matter how old you are, you CAN have more clarity.
You CAN feel more energy throughout the day.
You CAN gain greater focus.
You CAN increase your sex drive.
You CAN improve your motivation and mood.
With a few strategic tweaks, you can finally crush your health and stop feeling burnt out at the same time.



We have an extensive line up of videos which will be published every two weeks and we will take more requests throughout the community to make sure the exact videos you want and need are included. All with easy to implement tips to make this effortless.


Every two weeks we will get together as a group and discuss what's been going on, You will have the ability to ask questions ahead of time if you aren't able to attend live and all calls will be recorded and uploaded into the membership area for you to be able to catch up. If you want to ask questions anonymously we will also be included the option to do so too.


Not just on the Q&A calls but we will have a community made up where we can all support each other with our health goals and cheer you on as you're progressing through your health journey

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The Revitalization Blueprint Topics


It's important to make sure the topics are relevant, these will be able to me moved based on demand and new ones will get added in but here is the framework so far.


Week 01 – The 4 Pillar OJay Method to Eat Healthy Anywhere

Week 03 – Sleeping Deeply

Week 05 – The Perfect Diet to Achieve Your Goals

Week 07 – Understanding What is Really Going On In Your Body

Week 09 – Optimizing Your Hormones - Menopause and Testosterone

Week 11 – Your Best Exercise Routine

Week 13 – How To Support Your Detox And Drop Fat

Week 15 – Are You Allergic Or Intolerant?

Week 17 – Should You Add In Supplements?

Week 19 – How To Master Stress

Week 21 – Beating The Bloat

Week 23 – Do You Really Have Thyroid Problems?

Week 25 – Preventing and Reversing Memory Problems As You Get Older


You are finally going to get control of your health once and for all. Not only that, you will also discover:

  • The simple 3-step strategy to maintain your focus and concentration throughout the entire afternoon without having to drown your body in coffee (you’ll amaze your employees, business partners, and even yourself with the amount of work you get done each day).

  • Why waking up for the toilet in the night is playing havoc with your attention span (but great news: You’ll soon be sleeping like a lion when you do this little-known “sleep hack”).

  • The shocking science behind why working first thing in the morning is causing you a ton of unnecessary stress, especially when you stack that morning coffee on top (even if you think you’re a “morning person,” I guarantee you’ll get more done at this specific time).

  • How to truly structure your day (for more energy, less anxiety and more solid sleep).

  • Why it’s simply NOT normal to have an energy dip in the afternoon (when you understand this you’ll never have to rely on caffeine or sugar).


And not only that…  


We do it at a speed that you choose, making sure you have win after win each week.

Once you understand your body and your health you know anything is possible.


I'm Ready

Who Is Ollie?

Ollie is the founder of OJay Health. A functional medicine doctor, nutritionist, trainer and mindset expert.

Since 2006 it has been his passion to take people from the brink of burning out to true peak health without any overwhelm.

Working with high achievers including celebrities, professional athletes and some of the world's leading entrepreneurs he has refined his methods to make sure they can be implemented no matter how busy you are.



Three weeks worth of videos for you to truly blitz your brain fog once and for all.

17 videos and guide PDF




Week 1 

Working On Your Habits

The Four Pillar Method

Which Diet Do We Follow?

Foods To Take Out & Add In - Part 1

It May Get Worse Before It Gets Better

Working On Your Vagus Nerve



Week 2


Morning Routine

Evening Routine

What Exercise Shall I Do?

Caffeine & Alcohol

Food To Take Out & Add In - Part 2



Week 3


Mindset & Mental Health


What Is Next?

Let's Go