1-1 Health Coaching

  • Full health screening
  • Complete tailored nutrition guidelines
  • We dive into hormones, gut health, brain health and sleep to get you hitting your peak performance
  • Functional medicine and holistic routes to heal your health
  • Bi-weekly/Monthly (depending on package choice) 1-1 accountability calls with Ollie to discuss progress and goals
  • Complete tailored workouts delivered via an app (when your body is in a place to do so)
  • Support as needed via WhatsApp/Telegram/Voxer/Messenger
  • Life changing making you reach peak performance when you decide to do the work
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The Revitalization Blueprint

Working in a group environment with fortnightly live Q&As and trainings uploaded allows you to take control of your health at your own pace, one step at a time

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21-Day Brain Fog Blitz

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Full Health Screening

  • Gut health screening (blitz the bloat)
  • Brain health screening (demist the fog)
  • Genetic health screening (find what works with your genes)
  • Adrenal health screening (how’s that cortisol treating you?)
  • Build your own plan to give your body exactly what you need going into 2022
  • 30 minute 1-1 Call with Ollie to go through the findings
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The Sleep Solution

  • Deep dive into your sleeping habits
  • Learn exactly why you’re waking through the night and not feeling refreshed
  • 30 minute Call with Ollie to go through the findings
  • Develop your individual sleep solution
  • No more need for sleeping pills whether OTC or prescribed
  • Stop sleep from sabotaging your weight loss and health goals once and for all.
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