What results have been achieved by previous Revitalizers?

Jeanna Gabellini


Law of Attraction expert, Masterpeace Coaching founder and Master Business Coach

" I'm someone who constantly exercises, I feel like I am health conscious but I am missing the mark somewhere. So I immediately hired Ollie and thank goodness I did. I felt like I didn't have time to start new health habits...
I learnt all the different ways I was stressing my body that I wasn't aware of from food, to family life to everything that was going on. 
He got me to do some long time habits that I used to do, his accountability is freaking awesome, he never forgets what is going on and what you committed to. We took baby steps so it wasn't overwhelming and he got me doing small things I had put off that made a massive impact.
If you're thinking of hiring Ollie, do it, he is so wise, so compassionate, he would always follow up to make sure I got done what I needed to get done for my overall health and peace of mind.
It's been a great investment and something that won't just pay off now but for the rest of my life."

Ron Reich

The guy who help mission-driven entrepreneurs scale from 6 to 7 figures using his proprietary Genius Profit System (GPS). 

"Inside working with Ollie, my business has really grown, I've really grown as a person and I have hit some amazing fitness goals. I've won my age group in a recent 10k, smashed 1/2 marathons, photoshoot.
This is directly related to the insights and mentorship that I have gotten with Ollie.
So if you're looking to uplevel not just your business, your life but also your energy then you NEED to talk to Ollie.
He is absolutely the best in the world at what he does and you will be fortunate to be in his presence and be one of his superstar clients. Thanks Ollie, you're the best." - Ron Reich

Erin Braxton

Demystifying online tech for small brands so they don't get played and get things done.

" I was having problems with my sleep. I was waking up and struggling to have that consistent night's sleep. Working with Ollie was great because we worked to figure out what was wrong and in doing that he wanted to know what it wasn't. We ruled out glucose issues, we got on the right supplements to get my brain health together, level up my nightly routine and really give me tools to have a better night sleep.
Since I've been working with Ollie, no longer have I been waking up for those hour and a half long stretches. I'm sleeping more soundly and more consistently.
I would recommend Ollie to anyone. He is my health coach that cares and wants to help you be better."

Rick Barker

Taylor Swift's former manager and creator of The Music Industry Blueprint

"As an entrepreneur, as a coach, I am great at giving other people advice but terrible at doing what I is right even though I know what actually is right. I needed accountability for the poor choices when it came to my health, when it came to my sleep.
I was sick and tired of being sick and tired so I wanted to find a way to fix that. I sent a message to Ollie, he asked questions pertinent to where I was in my life, he listened and he didn't let me make excuses.
I don't know if he's right for you but he's definitely been right for me. He's not only been able to help me transform my weight but also my mind and a lot of times it's our mind that is holding us back. We know the right things to do, we know the next right thing to do but don't always do it." - Rick Barker

Fabiana Claure

Pianist, Entrepreneur and Business Coach For Musicians

Working with Ollie has changed my life, I can say that without a shadow of doubt. He's worked with my husband too and as a couple it's been a privilege to be able to have him guide us and understand our different dynamics and how we both go about taking care of ourselves.
Accountability and encouragement is a great part of what he provides, he's by my side, he's in my court, it's motivated me to show up, show up for me, show up for him, show up for my family, my clients - he has been an anchor in this whole process.

Rachel Gogos

Branding expert and founder of The Brand iD

Working with Ollie has been a wonderful consistency in my life, my body has slowly gotten stronger, but the biggest change has certainly been the effect on brain fog, working out and having someone in my corner that has always been positive and optimistic has always been such a gift in my life.

Steven Kuhn

Military Veteran, Business Turnaround Expert, previous advisor to Olivia Newton-John and Andrea Bocelli, co-creator Humble Alpha

I'm 51 years old, everything stopped working what I've always done for my body before, I tried and tried, went on a classic diet and training program, I couldn't shred that fat. After training for 34 years in 9 countries it was troubling to me that I didn't have the knowledge anymore about what would work, this is where Ollie comes in.
He wasn't that classic 'hey, train this and eat this', he asked about 'what are you trying to achieve? why are you trying to be healthy?' and he knew about business. I've had people come to me telling me about fitness but Ollie is the first one who said 'Your body is your business, your business is 100% dependant on the health of your body. 
My family is young, I am 51, I have a 3 and a 4 year old, I want to be around for a while. To do that I need to eat right, train right, know what I'm doing, Ollie was the man to make it happen. 
I've tried a LOT of trainers, online offline, a LOT this is the first one which worked within 7 days.



Helen Tudor

High achieving entrepreneur, LinkedIn expert and mentor

I've fallen in love with doing the things I know that I should be doing. But with Ollie it's been really fun to work with him, it's been no-nonsense but really, really great expertise and advice. Everything has improved, my hair, my skin, my sleep's improved. I just feel better, I am calmer, happier, my clothes fit better.
I started working with Ollie because I wanted to feel better and look better, if anyone is thinking about signing up with him you will no regret it.

Martyn Blythin

Productivity expert, programming consultant and founder Fire My Phone


Boris Schrenzel

Founder of Blue Steele

Noel Andrews

Consultant, CEO


Ryan McKenzie

Serial entrepreneur co-founder of Tru Earth

Mac Lackey

Entrepreneur, Exit Strategy Expert


Charlie Wallace


Guitarist Black Smoke Trigger. CEO Guitar Mastery Method.

Tiffany Neuman

Branding Expert


Gemma Sandwell

Healer, mindset and quantum physics expert


Scott Kuhn

Senior Vice President - Origin Point



Janice Powis

Founder Vida Meditation


Franc Feliu




While I truly believe working on health is crucial to longevity, a big side effect of managing stress, working on your lifestyle is a transformation. 

There is a story behind each and every one of these.